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Dongyue Passed Caterpillar's SQEP Silver Level Certification
Contributor:li qiang

     On July 29, 2017, Caterpillar carried out SQEP(Supplier Quality Excellence Process) Silver Level Certification in Dongyue. With the joint efforts of all staff in the company, Dongyue successfully passed Caterpillar's SQEP Silver Level Certification with distinction.
     2017 is the most challenging year in Dongyue¡¯s history as customer¡¯s volume doubled. To cope with this situation, Dongyue introduced many new robot robot. Meanwhile, Dongyue set a goal that ascend SQEP Bronze Level to Silver Level. It is a great challenge to Dongyue¡¯s safety, quality, delivery and cost management. It is also an opportunity to Dongyue that temper its teamwork force and validate all sorts of management procedures as well as strengthen and promote its internal management.
     Facing difficulties, Dongyue staff work together and carry out management work according to the requirement of SQEP Silver Level Certification. We promote the construction of management system, introduce new equipment and techniques, also improve the management of welding and painting projects. Finally we exceeded the requirement of SQEP Silver Level and received recognition and praise from customer. 
     Passing SQEP Silver Level Certification put forward higher requirement to Dongyue and we should make more efforts to continuously improve our internal management, then surpass customer¡¯s expectation and improve the company¡¯s vitality and competitiveness.


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